Could anyone help me identify what wire this is?

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Hello! I’m looking to try and make/find someone who can make something like this stand for my ten week old daughter. Can anyone help me identify what the wire is? In the comments the author speaks about it and says he does not know what it was but his grandfather “salvaged it from a grocery store, and said it was supposed to be used for hanging vent tubes on the ceiling or something. Anyway, it’s kind of like an aluminum steel blend I think, because it’s fairly easy to bend”"

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Definitely not an aluminium/steel blend. That would be like unobtainable!. Not pure aluminium - not stiff enough. Not stainless steel - tool brittle to make the hook on the end. My guess is very thick galvanised mild steel wire. I suppose it might just be chromed brass. The difficulty is that it’s got to be stiff enough to form the semi-arch and to be bent into the loop at the end with out annealing - and it can be bent by a 3 year old and cheap enough to be sold for hanging vents in a grocery store!

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It reminds me of a wire coat hanger. Those are pretty strong, but bendable.

You could try bailing wire/mechanics wire? Seems like the closest thing! It’s a lovely idea :blush:

A huge thank you to you all for all your help - so appreciated

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