Contribution - cut list optimisation tool

Dear admins - I’d really like to contribute to the space.

I’m a developer based in North London and I’ve been working on a cut list optimisation tool which I think will be useful for the members.

It’s used to make the most of any sheet or linear material and is about 10% more efficient than other tools on the market. There is also an API if any software developers felt like making use of it.

I’d like to provide a free subscription for the communal computer, and discount codes for members.

Hope you’re interested - it would be great to hear back so I can sort something out.

Also if you need a web developer to help out with any community projects, please let me know.

All the best,


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Hi Jon,

Thanks for your post – we love efficiency!

@lasertechs you able to have a delve?

I had a quick look and unsure this is intended for laser cutter, or I don’t necessarily see how as many parameters missing. Maybe @woodtechs?

Thanks though!

Hi @petra, @Dermot - sorry should have provided a bit more detail. It works with rectangular parts only. Once the calculations are complete you can then export as DXF, which I believe can then be imported into the laser cutting software. The main applications are CNC machines and table saws at the moment.

I’d love to be able to make it work with laser cutters too - so if there’s anything missing which I need to add please do let me know and I’ll see if I can squeeze it in.

Thanks both,


Hi @Workshop_Buddy,


Well, the laser cutter materials cut settings depend on type of material and it’s thickness - we determine what settings to use for laser power, speed and pulses per inches / Hz.

Laser power and speed work in percentages, our lasercutter is 100W.

@petra ah ok, there would need to be an intermediary step where these setting are added - I assume you use some software already - I hoped this would import the dxf file and then you can add the remaining settings, but I’m new to laser cutting.

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@woodtechs - any interest? Hoping it would be useful for you especially.

Isn’t exporting to DXF enough? Or does it need another format?

@asander1 – tagging you in relation to the CNC