Commission work, frame making

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I have a glazed piece of art, its on a toughened glass pane, measuring 970mm (L) x 495mm (H) and 3mm thick.
The visible area of the art is 950mm x 475mm, leaving 10mm all round to fix the glass into the frame.

Id like a hardwood frame, I’m thinking a pale wood like ash, that can hold it VERY securely so I can use it in a cabinet door. I suspect this means bridle or lap joints.

The frame needs to be 50mm wide on each side. The screws from the hinge brackets will require consideration. There’s a few mm to fit the glass into to leave enough wood to fit the brackets, so it is a precision job.

Anyone available who wants the job? I get the piece 14 Dec to do the final fixing but would like the frame made before if possible and it must be before of this side of Xmas.