Come backup your files from laser computer

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Hi all @lasers,

the computer is nearly full of people’s stuff and calls for backup, who knows, can be lost for all sorts of reasons. At this point it’s reaching it’s limit to store stuff.

Ideally should be used as on the go temporary storage rather than years long damp.
I’d give it a month and a half before something will need to go. please come and backup.



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Will do, thanks.

What sort of file size total are we talking about?
I might be able to offer some off-site storage for free, if you wanted to archive everything up to this point?

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Ideally people shouldn’t leave their files on the computer in the first place.

Not really, I think people were forgetful in regards deleting files after themselves.
The two moths just so people check if they saved what they’ve got there not to lose it. Needs to go.

All backed up, thanks Petra

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