Coat rail

Here’s my finished and finally installed coat rail, which I started in my class at Hammersmith but finished off the final bits at the makerspace. It’s beech, with reclaimed sapele edging and pegs


Nice curving, how did you achieve it, especially the sapele?

Hi Afshin,
To cut the beech I made a template in mdf with bandsaw and a spokeshave, then cut the beech to the template with a router. Then I made a counterpart template in mdf to match the curve on the beech and used it to cut the sapele with a router to fit against the beech; then after gluing together I used the original template to cut the outside edge of the sapele. The most critical part was making the counterpart template as accurately as possible, to get a tight joint against the beech.

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Very nice work Ian, it looks fantastic. Do you have any idea how many hours it took in total?

Really hard to say as I was doing it in bits and pieces over a few months, and also as I was feeling my way with techniques I hadn’t done before. 2nd time round it would be quite quick especially as I have the templates!