CNC machining small parts

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a CNC machining service for milling stainless steel small parts?

Also, any advice on how to approach them as I’ve contacted a few, but found them unresponsive or had one saying it wouldn’t be cost-effective for me to use them. any help would be great!


Hi Roy,

Before the restrictions I was a regular visitor to the makers space and we probably came across.
I should be able to help you, please send me a private message.

Best, Joe

Hi Roy,

I have have only priced things out, never used them, but have you taken a look at ?

Side note, I follow the discourse but this is my first post. Mods, I am trying to be helpful but it feels weird pointing people towards commercial things, happy to delete.

Hi Kyle,

thanks for the recommendation, do you know how long that takes to get a response from initial quote request?

thanks again

Hi @RoyM,

Sorry I didn’t get an alert for your message. There should be an estimated lead time on your quote. Have you tried uploading your design?