CNC Arched flat aluminium bars

Hi ,

Can anyone reccomend a company with a large flat bed CNC router. ?

I need to source some flat 30mm aluminium bars which are arched. The largest has a radius of 750mm.



Why not ask at Building Bloqs? They might have a member who can do this

30mm thick? Have you considered using a water jet cutting service.

No 30mm wide bars. The thickness is not critical could be 1.5mm - 3mm

heres a sketch of what I am after.


I don’t mind how they are cut. They will need to be powder coated after.

foot note - I am looking for someone or a company to source & supply. I am looking to pay fairly. Not asking favours or trying to get on the cheap.

Thanks Dermot,

I will email them.

They can be laser cut by someone like


Thank you Rich - They have sorted it.