Clear desk policy - thoughts?

(Pete Hellyer) #62

In that members meeting, I think the consensus ended up being ‘no bikes in the space’ ?

Seems a no-brainer. But with an ‘own risk, must return’ caveat.

(Dermot Jones) #63

Needs to be area by area…as soon as techs can get their storage sorted do work surfaces are for work only

It’s always been the policy for the main table in the clean room…we just fell behind a bit

(Rich Maynard) #64

I’m looking for a new laptop - seems like a win win situation! More info please.

(Chanelle) #66

What I said the plan for the messy room definitely not operating under the clear desk policy and no printing access currently seems like laser area has taken over printing space?

Happy to help create a clear desk policy here. Was hoping to do some printing in the coming weeks so would be great to have this area assessable.