Cleaning the laser correctly

(Louis) #1

Hi all, when cleaning the lens on the laser, please install the lens correctly once cleaned. The chamfers on the black lens should match the laser as in the picture below.

This morning the lens was found in place like show below which means the beam is not hitting the centre of the lens.

If in any doubt about anything laser operation based, please start a discussion and include @lasertechs.

(Tom Lynch) #2

Didn’t think this was even possible.

(Louis) #3

Yes indeed… There is a marking on the side of the lens which I wouldn’t be surprised if it appeared as a result.

(Tom Lynch) #4

Did Makerspace buy a new lens, because theres no marks other than scratches, looks like it’s not being cared for very well.

(Louis) #5

I’m referring to the area where the black paint has been removed… that beige strip…

(Tom Newsom) #6

I’m looking at the lens right now and the only marks on it are those made when we scraped off the burned-on gunk ages ago.

(Louis) #7

Sorry, the lens looks the same but the surround now has a mark I don’t believe was there before. Either way, this was intended for a heads up to all users to fit it correctly. :wink:

(Tom Lynch) #8

Yeah, I just meant you can see surface scratches on the top face.