Christmas stall in the outer space next Sunday - who wants to take part? 13/12

Spoke with @beccaartist about possibility of having a stall in front of Makerspace next Sunday.

I thought dusting A boards to put up on the street, Rebecca spoke about decorating the outer space, skip arriving this weekend to make it tidy and think generally can be a nice space.

There’s plenty of space so lots of members can get together a sell their crafts.

What do you people think?


Anyone who wants to join, attach here an image/s and text you’d want on the flyer. It’s simple to make a few versions.

I have some ceramics I would be up for trying to sell!


I don’t have anything to sell but I’d be happy to come over and lend she extra hand if anyone needs it

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Cool! Thanks, Zee.

Feel free to message me before the day so I know to cycle over

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I’d love to have been there but I’m working.

My offer of 10% off everything on the Etsy shop for SLMS members is still active, though!


I’m afraid I have to take a rain check. It’s my friend birthday and I forgot it was this weekend :sweat_smile:

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@members this is tomorrow

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