Chop saw out of action - and back in action!

@woodtechs any ideas what the issue is? Looks like Joe might have put it out of service

I’m in on Monday and will take a look.

This happened during the recent induction with a bolt getting sheared off. Joe did indeed put it out of service until a replacement part can be acquired.

Thanks – it’s just that no one posted online that it was out

@joeatkin2 @Jonty_Bottomley is the part on order?

Was this back on 20th October?

Yes, indeed!

Any news/info on the sheared off bolt of the chop saw? I took a look on Monday but not sure where exactly the problem is? A description of the fault or reason for decommissioning would be very helpful here.

I changed the 3 bearing races on the bandsaw to the new ones that were in an envelope next to it but they are open race type bearings and therefore liable to get clogged up with dust fairly rapidly.

I suggest when we know what bit to order for the chop saw we also order some closed race bearings and I’ll swap them out when they arrive. Am I able to make the order and if so how?

@joeatkin2 and @jonty_bottomley fixed it. It works now

You can order parts, pay for them and put in a claim, as per ‘how to’ guide

Or, better: Jonty has a prepaid card for the woodshop