Cardassian cosplay project

Hi all!

I’m a huge trekkie, and I’ve been mulling over what type of character I’d like to make a full costume of first.
My plan is to make a face cast (I’d love some help with this as it’s at least a 2 person job) and then sculpt with clay the cardassian features onto this cast. After that I’d like to somehow (I need to look into this more closely) turn that into facial prosthetics to wear more than once.

Besides that I’ll also need to start making the outfit, which may prove to be difficult but I’m confident it will one day be finished!

Any ideas, help, suggestions would be more than welcome :smile:


The person to speak to is our props expert @platinumnqueen22 Brian!

I am sure he would be able to give you all sorts of tips and show you how the ropes :slight_smile:


“A spy? Me? Doctor I’m nothing more then a simple Tailor”

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“My dear doctor… they’re all true”
“Even the lies?”
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How many lights?

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