CANCELLED 19/12 Outer space Christmas market CANCELLED

We can tell them, usually by Friday night all their cars are out of the way or negotiable. All we could do is to meet up Friday night and bolt the planters to the ground for the weekend/get it ready for stalls. Max and Greg won’t mind just for one weekend. They’re lovely like that.


Hi Graeme,

It was just a few of us last year, that are makers and had some things to sell. We had a few stalls and quite a few people showed up.

I am hoping to give it a bit more of a momentum this year so more people know about it.

So looks like the 19th has the majority now.

Shall we set that as the date then?

Regarding the organisation. Here are a few things we need get done:

  • design posters to print and for social media
  • print and distribute posters
  • post it all over social media
  • organise what we need for the stalls and decoration
  • talk to the garage that they will have their cars out of the way.

Please add anything else you can think of :slight_smile:

Also, I am wondering if it would be a nice idea to invite some local makers to join us. I am sure there are makers out there that weren’t able to get a stall but would like to sell some of their creations

Would this be a good opportunity to run scheduled, managed tours of the space to raise awareness of making etc? I guess the issue is whether it would benefit the public if we aren’t able to take on more members.

If people think it is a good idea, I would be happy to manage the process and run some or all of the tours.

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Hi Brendon,

That sounds like a great idea! Tours could be with 2-3 people at a time and if everyone wears a mask we should be save.

Maybe best to speak to @directors of what they think?

Btw we have restarted our open evenings again and are taking on new members.

Yes, up for the idea of this – is there a synergy between a Christmas Market and our target audience for new members? In any case many people who pass by are curious to see inside, and would love a tour

We can gather details for anyone interested in joining, even if we don’t have a timeline as yet

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Hello all! @Kuniko @Jack_MH @Elizabeth99 @julia @Brendon_Hatcher @lewisss @LisaP @Graeme123

We cannot let this sizzle and burn, let’s make a plan!
What parts of the market organisation are you wanting to take on?

I can speak with the car sellers and lobby for our market and claiming the space. I offer my muscles to move benches and make a layout + I have nice warm white Christmas lights. That’s all I can do.
Upload images you want on your posters below. We might select one or two of each seller.

Someone, can be more than one, needs to:
@petra talk to car dealers
@petra create a layout
@Elizabeth99 make design of poster and
@Elizabeth99 print them at slms
@ distribute posters(being just dropping them off at Herne hill train station board or any other board you know of…Brixton wholefoods has one for example)
@Elizabeth99 post on slms social media
@ dig out some Christmas decor (anything)
@Brendon_Hatcher Facilitate tours of the space if we agree to do this

Add tasks you can do!


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I can : @ make design of poster and @ print them at slms. And I can post on slms social media photos of the market.



Are we thinking of doing a Xmas market? I’m up for it but will public come?

Last year it was a success for honey and pottery sales. I suppose, with enough media posts and considering the rules are eased, it could be pretty good.

We’re up for the 19th! I’ll bring my prints and mince pies? :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::christmas_tree:



We need to start at least teasing this on social media…

The easiest way to do this is if you share pictures (with description) of what you might have on offer, and add your handles etc

OK here’s an A4 poster design, please let me know any comments, change the wording etc… Then I’ll do an A5 version for a flyer? Or just posters, let me know, and I can do a square version for Instagram.


Omg this is Soo good, would the logo look good also in the right bottom corner?

Very nice!!

Logo moved… thoughts…?


Either one looks super nice, maybe logo at bottom?


Nice - now THAT is a poster!