CANCELLED 19/12 Outer space Christmas market CANCELLED

Hey everyone

Me and Petra were talking about how good the Christmas market we did last was and thinking it would be cool to do it again!

Would be great to get more people involved. Even with rubbish weather and all the Covid restrictions last December we still got a really positive response……

Hopefully this post will get the ball rolling in the right direction!


Heya - tell me more! I missed the last one, is there a thread / pictures? Thanks!


Yes, other people have mentioned this…good idea to get the ball rolling ASAP!

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Absolutely. Most Christmas markets are at the end of November and booking opens a long way before that!

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First or second week of December would work for me I think, because last weekend of November I am already having a stall at Herne hill market…

I can bring 20m of Christmas warmest white lights.
Can we think about a way to create a canopy above the cycle rack/parking puddle space? A few stalls would fit there I think in addition to a few stalls inside the outer space.

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Too much?

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I think @dermot actually might have one?

I think ideally we would do the stall on the same day the Christmas market in Herne Hill is on then we can benefit from the footfall and direct people over here :grinning:

So date wise I think the 12th of December would be best. There isn’t a specific Christmas market this year in Herne Hill but it would be at the same time as the weekly farmers market that will be a bit more Christmas spirited.

So far I know people that are interested are:


I am not sure who else would be interested?

If you know anyone else please @ them here.


I’m interested, but not sure if I’m free


I think I might try to sell some stuff yes :+1:


@Dermot do you know anything about a gazebo for this occasion, please?

Can we pick a day when the most people can make it and/or do more than one if the interest is there? Vote!


  • Sat 4/12
  • Sun 5/12
  • Sat11/12
  • Sun 12/12
  • Sat 18/12
  • Sun 19/12

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Can bring the one we used for previous events… it’s shower proof as opposed to rain proof

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If it rains heavily, it is probably not even worth coming, right?

I’m interested!


I don’t have anything to sell, but I would be available to help set up and run the event.


The biggest issue will be getting max/mechanics to move the cars so there is space for stalls/gazebo. They need to be given plenty of notice as the road access needs to be kept clear and they need time to move the cars out.


Speaking of which - is it rude if we ask them to stop upending the picnic table to park more cars? We can’t access the bike rack with the cars parked so close to it! I want to be understanding/flexible, but feel like that is a reasonable request?

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Hello I’m new here, What does the Christmas market involve out of interest ? Was not there for the last and am not sure what it is based off the discussion.

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