Can we have a wiki?

Would be great if we can have a wiki page accessible to the membemers where to store details about how some tools works.

I realised yesteday that people keep confusing the calibration of the Hakko soldering iron with the actual set and would be great to have a place where to add some details on how to use it.

Otherwise I will just kick a github repo for the documentation and call it a day.


There is a tool page for it

Chris and I previously proposed hosting a members handbook that brought all the documentation about what, why, how for the space into one place that was out of Discourse to make it easier to find things.

Makerspace used to have a MediaWiki but it was canned early on, this is a theme that has been rattling on for years that recently @TomHedges post about the project management software has also identified that Discourse is great for chatting, sharing projects and generally creating an online community but like when we killed Slack, it’s not the right solution for other stuff like Documentation, Desicion Making, Project Management, and Tool Bookings.

The previous thread about this is here, the dummy site has been taken down by the looks of it, but theres a screenshot to give you an idea…


+1 for this. I have offered to host / help run a Media Wiki if there is interest.

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One of the reasons we recommended Bookstack previously was that it ran on Markdown that was very similar to Discourse that enabled both copying existing articles over, but also ease of use for members.

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