Can anyone help me 3D print some widgets, I will pay money

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(George Haworth) #1

Hi Makerspace gang,

If anyone out there is competent at 3D printing and has some filament laying around I need a small batch (50) of 60mm x 60mm x 25mm square widgets with a few square holes of various depths, no overhangs. I don’t care what colour or type of material as long as it’s some sort of plastic.

If you are interested in doing this as a one-off, then email me a price to ghaworth2(at) and if it’s fair I will send the .stl file over. I can collect them from the Makerspace once they are done, I can either pay cash or bank transfer.

George Haworth

(Edward Yeboah) #2

Hi George, I’ve sent you an email regarding this.