Can anyone fix my diy electric bike- will pay

(Kwame Asafo-Adjei) #1

To whom this may concern,

Hi guys hope all is well , I am writing to enquire if anyone can help fix my electric bike with 36w - 40w batts hooked up - goes about 35mph. Something has gone wrong with the wiring or the batt has died on not so savvy with this stuff- so need help to find out what’s wrong or if I need new batteries - willing to pay who ever can fix this problen for there time. Get back to me as soon as - jasonz3(at) - hopefully all goes well as I would love to start my deliveroo job.

(Ed Yeboah) #2

I might be able to help, I’ll email you for more details.

(Kwame Asafo-Adjei) #3

thank you bro please,get back to me as soon possible, I appreciate it.

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Can you get it to the space on Thursday?


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Look like your outlook for Android link is triggering the spam thresholds for new members. I tried to moderate accordingly will see if the post come back buy courty should have seen them.

Fyi electronic night is from 19:00 if my info are correct so safe bet show up around that time