Call for Urgent laser projects

(Louis) #1

Hold on!
You read the topic and went yes please didn’t you?
After an investigation of the laser this morning and insertion of a new lens, I was able to successfully test cut the following 3 tests found from files on the desktop. Varying materials, processes and thicknesses as seen below.

This does not mean the laser is reopen for use…
None of the projects tested showed any issues but, I would like to do some more testing…
What I’m suggesting is that if you have an urgent need for a laser cut project, a @lasertech assists to monitor the machine and hopefully your project is completed. Both parties benefit.
As I know this will require my time or another @lasertechs, I’m initially looking for someone who is a bit flexible with time in the space.
The prusa build frames may be a good one?
The user with the wedding bits?
Let us know below and the @lasertechs will pick a few.
We are aiming to have the testing concluded by Monday the 15th and hopefully have the machine reopen for use by/before then.
If you have any questions, drop them in the chat.

(Dermot Jones) #2

(Andy Sanderson) #3

Thanks Jonathan,

I have some pint glasses I wanted to engrave for a school fundraiser event this weekend, but that will involve the rotary attachment, so let me know if that is one level too complex. I am very flexible on time to work on it this week if it works out!


(Louis) #4

Sounds like a good test for a good cause. Have you used the rotary tool before and set files up for it already?

(Andy Sanderson) #5

Cool, I have the file in Illustrator- never used the rotary tool though, I can come in anytime today if you are about

(Simon HAYNES) #6

Hi, I have some anodised aluminium cylinders which I wish to engrave. Therefore I’m also interested in learning how to use the rotary cutter. I’m also available today, so would be ideal…if you wish to concentrate on Andy’s things then it would still be very useful to me to be in attendance. Please let me know if today is a goer, and when

(laurent_muchacho) #7

Unfortunately I checked the stock yesterday and we run-out of 6mm ply and acrylic. If you are planning ordering some material the Prusa I3 group build need at 4x 6mm ply or 1 x 6mm acrylic (600x400).

Many thanks

(Petra) #8

It’s in the space but needs to be cut to 600x400 size with the table saw, sorry for that! I’ll be on it next time table saw’s accesible.

(laurent_muchacho) #9

That’s awesome many thanks @petra

People from the I3 group build (@dermot & @Vagwin ) I’ll strongly advise you get your frame cut asap or let me know and do the cut when I can.

(Louis) #10

Where are the files for this project and what quantities do you need? I will use this as a test case and produce all the necessary parts.

(Petra) #11

I’ve spent some time with @asander1 preparing a file for the glass engraving.
The file is ready to go too.

(laurent_muchacho) #12

HI Jonathan, there is a laurent or muchacho directories on the laser pc, I can look at which file version I’ve used soon as I’m back home.

(Elliot Duffy) #13

Hi @laurent_muchacho and @Jonathan,

I would very much appreciate it if you could do this cut for me please, as I am unlikely to be able to get to the space until the weekend now.

Thankyou so much!


(laurent_muchacho) #14

Ok there it is, I knew it was somewhere safe.

and attached below :slight_smile:

frame_6mm_ply_2.dxf (128.2 KB)

IMPORTANT NOTE: do not cut the “Prusa I3” and SLMS logo but engrave only :slight_smile:

(Louis) #15

Ok, no problem, what quantities are required?

(laurent_muchacho) #16

If you can make 4 ply it would be great. I did cut mine in 2 pass don’t remember the exact setting however they can be found on the laser PC


(Louis) #18

All done. 4 prusa frames cut in 6mm ply as per the shared dxf file you provided. I have left the frames for you on the ledge behind the laser.
The machine operated as expected but is still not open to users at this time with more testing pending. We should tweet some pics to prusa. :wink:

(laurent_muchacho) #19

This is really pretty :slight_smile:

Many thanks @Jonathan I’ll have to pick your brain about the settings you used for the cut and and engrave.

(Louis) #20

I scored the logo rather than engraving as your file only had the vectors and I didn’t have time to fill the text…

(Gawain Hewitt) #21

I do have some very urgent files for an exhibition next Tuesday at the Southbank Centre. I had hoped to come in and cut and etch tomorrow, but obviously won’t now.
I can prepare the files tomorrow anyway, and then I am ready whenever you are. I am free all day tomorrow from very early until 5pm
Could come in with my children over the weekend
Free all day Monday until 5pm and again from 10pm
Free Tuesday morning.
Piece is being shown Tuesday afternoon.

I’ve now missed deadline for using a commercial cutter instead as I had planned to use this one (hearing that it is back on and working) - so I’m pretty relaxed about it - either we can do it or we can’t . Obviously I REALLY want to - but I understand this is out of our hands really so what will be will be.

Anything anyone can do to help would be very much appreciated.

I have the Ply already