Bug hotels for Nature Reserve

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I volunteer for 3 community gardens in my spare time.

I’ve been asked to help make bug hotels for one of them.

I’ve got some planks of wood I lumbered two years ago and have been sitting in my attic waiting to dry.

Ild like to use them to experiment with building bug hotels. Experimenting and learning the best way to cut channels in the wood

To do this I would need to experiment with the router and tablesaw.

I’ve had quite a lot of experience (guided by a tech) with the tablesaw, but need to play with ideas and methods.

The solutions might be better done with a router but it would be great to get hands on and try a few things.

Are there any @woodtechs that could help get me access or share ideas.

Bribes (lunch at Steve’s cafe) are available.


Bug hotel,ha


never knew it was called steve cafe


they trays i want to make:

blah blah blah: image

butterfly, bug, bee hotel:

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So tiny…! :heart_eyes:


As the only seemingly active wood-tech, I can’t help you at the moment. (absolutely no dig at the great effort and contributions of other current and departing wood techs).

I’m way too busy dealing with the many problems of equipment, inductions and tech succession in the wood shop and trying my very best to answer ‘in positive action’ the predominantly negative and time consuming mini mutiny whipped up on discourse recently.

I’m on it, it’s in hand, please let me focus all of my available time and attention on getting the wood shop accessible to as many members in as short a time as is possible.

its interesting to see how you describe other member opinions.
i wonder how many other people agreed with my opinion before you decided to take it on yourself to shut the thread down and declare all other onions a waste of time.

which ones specifically are you referring to and do you think comments like this help calm things down or egg them up? how would you feel if people said you where being mutinous and trying to destroy makerspace if you were raising widely held beliefs?

your opinions haven’t been described in that way but questions have been asked on subjects you clearly fully back. we do have rules at SLMS online and offline that mean people cant just throw there weight around - on paper.

any way as i said in the email i sent you, i would happily offer you half a day a week to work on what ever projects you need help with in the woodwork shop.

im also trying to get the jobs page up so we can advertise jobs and tasks that people need help with but some people seem to be hell bent on lowering open discourse to sarky dissimive comments and brevardou.

To be fair all I read from Clixes post is that he as a woodtech is busy with that part of being a woodtech. The current woodworkshop situation is truly as he says- one actively present woodtech maintaining all.
On the flip flop I can help out with your bug hotel, maybe someone will react later on, just give people time to respond. Clix is good at what he does as a fresh new woodtech and has a right to justify why he cannot commit, doesnt have to tho. It was kind of him to explain. Which seems more respectful rather than ignoring it. And yeah, jobs section update- that’s a good idea.
Also I dont think he said you were the negative.


Yeah most of it was ok :blush:
Didn’t say he should have to help me.
And I’m trying to get him help in the wood shop

Me too

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Many bees are solitary! Not hive living

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yes we have about 200 species in the UK.
LOts to read on the internet and lots of good vids on youtube if you are intereseed.

hi @clix, i think i should apologies for the message
i sent you on friday.
it wasnt really fair to react in that way, and i think you got
4 years of my frustrations with inductions, access to tools and management of the space, aimed directly at you in the heat of the moment. and that wasnt fair.

In my defence i was on the end of some pretty digusting and misleading personal attacks that afternoon on discourse - these have now been taken down - possibly by moderators im not sure?

i hope it doesnt turn in to a long term grudge and that in the long run we can work together getting access for tools to as many members as possible

im sure along the way we won’t agree on everything, but i think we agree that access to members is the priority.

Any way if you want, i can offer 3 hours a week of my time to help you in the wood workshop. take me up on the offer if you want.

Also i managed to get access on Friday to another London community based workshop where i was inducted on the spot to several large wood work tools I’m familiar with. so i know have access to at least 2 woodwork shops in London. i may also look into a third. but as my local makerspace i will always see SLMS as my home so really happy to help whereever i can to get this sorted for the long term.

best wishes


Do you have a link for that?