Budget 3D Printer?

I was looking around for a budget 3D printer, what your take on them? the Davinci XYZ seems the more reasonable one, any other?

Don’t go budget… Or at least too low. I made that mistake with the Monoprice Mini Delta and now I’m trying to turn the remains of the bloody thing into a different machine…

The new Prusa Mini looks like good value if its big enough to print everything you want to print.

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I’m.a bit worried about the lack of the second axis holder ??

How bad is a bad 3D printer ? Lack of resolution or reliability in general?

Creality seems to have this market of decent budget printers e.g. Ender 3

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There’s a bunch of unfinished Prusa Clones in the Space…might be a project for when we’re all self-isolating

Anyway: @laurent_muchacho will give you the lowdown on budget 3d printers

Am I allowed to get one ?

Poor reliability, very variable repeatability of prints - my machine could only do the test print that came on the SD card about 2/3rds of the time and that’s after calibrating it, reflashing it with better firmware, and recalibrating.

You could ask @Calum_Nicoll if his is for sale?

@Calum_Nicoll ?

Although not sure how easy it would be to get together the whole BOM from the boxes there

do they come with extruders?

One each, yes

Hey @emuboy - yeah if you’re looking for a project and fancy having a go at it you are welcome to take it - can work out cost afterwards depending on how you get on.


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That’s very kind of you but I’m not feeling great and I rather not risk to infect the rest of the space :slight_smile:

Highly recommend the Prusa printers from their website.

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@emuboy what’s you budget? I have a prusa i3mk2.5s prusa original that I am hoping to part with… it’s fully built and operational with some minor upgrades. Can do a job lot of printer, filament and spares for £350 if interested. It was originally a i3mk2 and then got upgraded twice to the now i3mk2.5s.
This extends to any others looking for a low cost entry into 3D printing but with a great quality machine…

What’s the difference between the mk2.5 and mk3? and the mini?