Box or Basket?

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This is a very important discussion I’m having with my wife, that has spread internationally. I need help from Makers with experience in materials. Please help.


you’re breaking my heart Makerspace


Basket is a method of construction: Weaving stiff fibres. The picture is a box-shaped basket.


Id call that a hamper
And according to señor Google


  1. a basket with a carrying handle and a hinged lid, used for food, cutlery, and plates on a picnic.

“a picnic hamper”

So basket wins!


but if a basket relates primarily to the material, and box relates primarily to the object and purpose then surely it’s a basket-like box, isn’t it? BOX is the principal thing that it is.

I have voted box but would change to basket if there is a handle.

Isn’t this the case that all baskets are boxes but not all boxes are baskets,

Like all buses are vehicles but not all vehicles are buses

All bases are alkali but not all alkalis are bases


Lol Tom starting a multi generational war :joy:

All tortoises are turtles but not all turtles are tortoises.

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I’m not sure our opinions will matter much longer, just ask ChatGPT and accept the result! :wink: :open_mouth:

but I’d have to say that all baskets are definitely not boxes, I am maybe showing my age but those baskets that hold wine bottles or flower arrangements I’d definitely say are not boxes? :wink:


Like… I don’t understand how the material dictates what an object is… Do we call chairs the “woods”? Are plastic bags plastic?

The shape dictates the noun! This is a box!!!

What about cup vs glass?

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I would say it’s more the method of construction? Baskets are woven.

Box to me also implies a certain shape, hence the term “boxy”

I would say these terms are at least partially orthogonal. Box-ness and basket-ness are independent. Something can be both box like and basket like.

And box-ness in itself is ill-defined. Most rigid enclosures with lids I would call a box, but I would also call something without a lid that is rectangular a box. But if there is no lid and it’s hemispherical then isn’t it more of a bowl?

If this pictured basket was made out of wood it would be a chest.

I think it’s neither, it is a wicker chest. But can be searched under wicker trunk or wicker hamper.


All alkalis are bases, but not all bases are alkali. An alkali is a base that is soluble in water.

(Ever tried mixing ferric- or cupric hydroxide with water??? :slightly_smiling_face: )

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Right after breakfast just the other day


I’ve done coke and mentos… Does it count?


May people just prefer narrow terms wherever possible? Baskets are more rare, so that’ll be defining.