Box making course tracksaw/domino induction Monday 19th June

Hi @lewisss can I have a standing seat :rofl: on that course please.

Count me in please.

Count me in too please. :slight_smile:

Hi Lewis;

Can anyone participate of the course ? If yes, count me in!
Sorry im new and dont know how things works to attend a course.

Kind Regards

Kleitonbassi sorry you need to be a member and have done the basic wood induction

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Come along to the Open Evening on Wednesday 28th, 7pm (every second Wednesday). Check the place out, meet some people, and decide if you’d like to become a member. Most machines require an induction to use them safely, inductions are very simple and just teach you how to use them safely so you don’t injure yourself or others, and to use the equipment properly. This thread is about a course for members who have already done the basic woodshop induction, and will teach you how to use the equipment to make something functional with it.


Hi Kleiton,

If you’re interested in becoming a member, here’s our little pre-membership survey. As Dan mentioned, the Open Evening is also a great way to see the Makerspace and you will get a scenic tour. :partying_face:



I will attend as I am about tomorrow anyway.

Hi @lewisss Any room for one more?


That sounds great, i was exactly trying to go through this but didnt find the survey.
I really appreciate that Mark, hope to come down to a open eve soon too.

Many thanks

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Hi @lewisss, I think looking through the replies that there should be 1 spot left. If that’s the case I’d love to take it!


See you all at six please try to be on time as this course covers a lot of information.
There will be 3 x 10 minute breaks
18:00-18:50 intro to the track saw, basic box making options, design best practice theory. Dimensioning large sheets on sacrificial top.

19:00-19:50 using the multi function table fence system.

20:00-20:50 intro to the domino machine, four rules, marking best practice and how to rectify mistakes.
Joining face to edge, butt joints, bevel joins, mitre joints and mid board joints

21:00 -22:00 putting it all together and q&a

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If there’s any room I’d love to join also. No probs if not. Thanks

Sorry Jonathan six is the limit for this one, but I will be doing another next week or the week after.

@jonfaulkner Unfortunately, I am not feeling well… Best not handle heavy machinery when dizzy. You can take my spot.

Thank you Mark! That was excellent!

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Very good.
All the information necessary to use the MFT.
Thank you


Thanks a bunch Mark , that was a brilliant session.


Thank-you so much Mark, it was really useful and very well run too!

no problems, thanks Mark