BOTH CLAIMED! Free: Ikea Vaxer Hydroponics Kit, ~24U Wooden Server Rack

(Sam W) #1

Hi, new member so please let me know if this is appropriate to post here:

I’m moving from West to South London next week, and have a few vaguely hacker-related items going free:

  • An IKEA Vaxer indoor hydroponics grow kit - used but entirely functional. Works surprisingly well but I have not the space nor the demand for salad!
  • A Wooden 24U(I think?) Server Rack. Quite nice as server racks go (it’s been in my living room for the last year). Will attach pictures when back home.

Will be carting stuff over anyway so can offer free delivery to the herne hill area or nearby. Would much rather these got use from SLMS hackers than freecycle randos!

(electrotech) #2

There is a dedicated section but I don’t think your account is linked to discourse properly and thanks for thinking of us members here.

I personally have no use for these.

(Oli Passey) #3

Hi, i might have use for the server rack depending on sizing and depth.

(Sam W) #4

Hi @Oli ,

Pics are here, as a new member I can’t upload more than 1 to discourse.
I also have some rack mount shelves you’re welcome to if you want them!


(electrotech) #5 is decent for hosting multiple pics.

(Sam W) #6

I agree!

(laurent_muchacho) #7

Imgur is an evil website. You follow one innocent link to check server rack and suddenly end up there for hours clicking next and next and next and next …

(electrotech) #8

Especially if you enable random mode, then you have an incredibly large database of crap to view. Lol

(electrotech) #9

That server rack actually looks really decent. I wasn’t expecting it to be so nice.

(matthew inman) #10

I would be interested in the hydroponics kit if its still going

(Sam W) #11

It’s yours. Will dm.

(Doug Hammond) #12


I’m interested in the rack - would you deliver to Croydon at a weekend?


(Sam W) #13

If @oli is not still interested, how does tomorrow evening sound?

(Doug Hammond) #14

If that’s the only option and @oli does not want it I can make that happen. I would be at the address at about 1830. Alternatively, I can be available any time over the weekend.


(Oli Passey) #15

Go for it - i should be clearing house not turning it into a data centre. :slight_smile:

(Doug Hammond) #16

Hi @samw, please let me know if collect/deliver the rack at the weekend is possible or if tomorrow evening is best for you.


(Sam W) #17

@doug tomorrow evening if possible! DM me time and place