Bonjour ! I am Alexis

Hi, if you read this, it is probably to know a bit much about me and why I joined the MakerSpace.

Well as long as I remember I always have used tools and done some DIY stuff. Since my first box of Lego, I wanted to be an inventor and create great things for people.

Then I did a master in an Engineering school (Mechanical design engineer) and I created my own company in France in 2017 : HMT who design and manufacture exosqulettons for workers in the industry. The creation of the product was intense and very interesting. Now the company is selling custom made exosqulettons to some qualifies operators in different workshop.

I am now living in London (I joined my girlfriend in Clapham in September) and I was unemployed , yet motivated to work, until the very beginning on 2020.

I joined this Maker Space so I can work on some projects I have in mind to created news plastic, wood or metal prototypes. I used to use a lot of different machine as a daily basis (3D printer, milling machine , CNC, Turner, …) and different plastic forming technique as well (vacuum moulding, silicon moulding , composites making , carbon fibre laminating).

I want to use my hands as mutch as my brain but most important thing I’ve learn in life is to take care of other. More than physical and intellectual skills what I am looking for is a community of people who want to create and help each other’s.

Thank you if you read all of this and see you soon for some idea sharing around a tea or a squared table.



Welcome Alexis!


Hi Alexis. I remember lastnight @ the open evening that you were interested in developing electric skateboards (you said e-skating, right?) I’m interested to see how you get on with that

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Hi Alexis,
It was interesting to hear your ideas at the open evening. There was synergy with a few other prospective members that evening, but you will find so much more by engaging on Discourse. If you start at you will find people with skills which can inform your building.


I am interested to help the team and the other members on they project or for induction at least. As requested here is an introduction of my skills.

I have acquired some skills at school or during my professional life.

I have some theoretical skills for milling, CNC, Hight speed CNC, Turning , welding, laser cutting, metallurgy and mechanical engineering in general.

I can work on different software.
CAD : Solidworks, Catia, Inventor, NX, …

I also worked on manual machinery and did dozens of prototypes with milling machine and lather (same type as the one you have).

The CNC I used to work with was an ARKETYPE (Chinese made) 3 by 2 m long programmable with free CAD software (CAM BAM).

Finally I tried to teach to the trainee of my previous company how to use all this material and all the security tips that matter ( teaching experience and I loved it).

I have the feeling that this workplace is a creative place and I would like to help people with some of my know how and learn from other experienced members. I want to meet more people and see in they eyes the satisfaction of the accomplished work.
So if I can be an active member of the Metal Team I would be happy with it and give some of my free time to the community.

All the best,

Alexis D

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