Bodgers Ball weekend May 12/13th

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(Afshin Dehkordi) #1

Bodger’s ball is an annual gathering of green woodworkers. Each year it moves to a different part of the UK and 2018, fortunately, it’s quite close to us, near Chichester.

It’s in my diary to go, just wondering if anyone else would like to come to…I’ll drive down, we can split the petrol, I might camp for a night, or might be just a day trip.

Below is a list of courses they run on the preceeding two days May 10-11th, it gives a flavour who’s there. If a car full of us all want to go for the course days I’m happy to do that too.

Tickets arent live yet. course tickets go live 28th Feb.
Course and Ball tickets sell out very fast.

If you’re interested (and on which days) let me know.