Board to board connectors

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Hello peeps,

I’m designing some PCBs to create letter signs that can be connected together horizontally.
I will use WS2812B for the leds and effectively each letter acts a little bit like a strip of those leds.
I need an input connector on the left side (ground, vcc, data in) and and output connector on the other side (ground, vcc, data out).

I’ve never done a board to board connection so I was wondering if you aware of any good connectors that are low profile.


90 degree male/female 2.45 mm pins , double lane, should do the job, unless you need polarization?

Is the double lane required for strength?

It’s not but it’s better for allightment, single lane tend to bend

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Thank you, that’s exactly the type of information I needed from somebody with more experience.

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I’d be interested in how you get on with the LED signs as it’s on my never ending list.

Would you be willing to document it?

I will, I’m no expert though :smiley: