Blogging.....what is that all about then?

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Hello space cadets,
I trust all had an adequate Christmas and am hopeful for the coming year. The new arch is progressing nicely.
I haven’t posted for a while because I am going to post in one hit. This will mean my blog ( apparently I have been blogging without realising) can be posted on Facebook. Well now I realise I am blogging and have received some decent compliments, I am going to do it properly. I don’t possess very good computer skills. What are the common mistakes, do I need a domain and name , can I do a decent blog, readable on all formats without paying? These are just some of the questions I have. I am told that Wordpress is the most widely used way of constructing a blog. So as you can see I am going to need help and advice. If there is anyone with real experience and perhaps the computer skills to make things work, I would love to hear your advice and perhaps be able to communicate along the way as I gradually learn the ropes. Feel free to voice your assistance and a big thank you to the people who got involved in the conversation and acknowledged that my blog was entertaining. Thanks.


Hi Giles, I can help you out if you have questions regarding getting a site up and running, domain, etc… You may not really need to host your own blog site if it’s just about publishing your content, social media accounts may well be enough but we can discuss directly if you want to drop me a message…

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Back when I used to write one I used a blogger account ( Very functional, but I’m sure there are sites now with better interfaces.