Biochar and eco energy from waste plastics

Is anyone interested in the huge potential of Biochar and eco energy from waste plastics?

I’m working with a large organisation which has visions, equipment and patents for machinery which produces biochar and eco energy from waste plastics.

Let me know if you’d like to get involved or have relevant skills or knowledge?

Hi Robert, I’ve got a few parts which I made about 20 years ago . Since then I found the best way to make Bio-char was to have a bonfire with brash, wait for the flames to extinguish, then stop the embers turning into ash … et voila, charcoal ready for populating with (good) bacteria!
Then someone gave me a book on air pollution and the bonfires had to stop.
But from plastic waste? That’s interesting. I toyed with the idea of fractionally distilling plastic waste for fuel gas…

For biochar you fire it in a sealed and filtered unit which then heats water piped around it and releases very little noxious gases.

Plastic distillation sounds interesting. I think this one is using sealed incineration to generate energy.