Bike advice - back wheel wonky

(Sarah Jones) #1

Hi all, I’m wondering if someone can help me - I had a flat rear tyre on my bike the other day, took the wheel off, fixed it, but then when we put the wheel back on it’s now wonky & I don’t understand where it should sit in the slot. It can’t go right to the back or it would be really wonky, but in the place where it looks from marks on the paint that it was before, it’s a bit wonky. Is there something obvious I’m missing?

(Duck) #2

Hi - if you have rim brakes (two pads either side of the tyre), you can use these to guide roughly where the wheel was previously. I assume you do, as I can’t see discs for disc brakes. When you engage the brakes, they should touch only the metal rim of the wheel NOT the tyre itself.

If you don’t have the brake pads to guide you this is a bit more difficult.

Easiest way is to stand over the wheel with a leg either side and hold the bike up by the axle/nuts and adjust until the wheel is straight - spin it slowly to check more easily.
If it’s wonky, it will probably hit the brake pads at some point in it’s turn, which helps you to know which way to adjust.
It is a bit fiddly, and you may have to adjust it a few times, but when it’s spinning straight in the frame, it’s usually not too hard to see.

unless; your wheel is actually wonky. You will be able to see that as it spins by looking at it from the same position. This is fairly unlikely unless the bike hit or was hit by something though.

hope that helps!

(Daniel Sikar) #3

SarahJ by what you are describing it sounds like the dropouts (bits your slot the skewer in) might have bent since your last puncture. I suggest you remove the wheel and inspect dropouts for misalignment.

(Martin John Finch) #4

We have a wheel truing stand and several members who know how to use it. But bent wheel does not sound like the problem. First thing is to put it up on our fantastic repair stand and see what’s going on. I will be happy to help if we can agree a time. Or is it time for another bike maintenance session?

(Sarah Jones) #5

Thanks all! From eyeballing it and based on your thoughts, I think it probably is straight. Only trouble now is the brakes are sticking because they’re not opening up evenly. I think it maybe is time for another maintenance session! Maybe some time soon after the new year?

(Martin John Finch) #6

How about bike maintenance session on 9th Jan? I’m doing open evening that night, so will be there anyway and it will promote activity in the space that night.

(Andy Sanderson) #7

That would be great!

(Martin John Finch) #8

OK, I will put it in the calendar of events, and publicise closer to the time. Maybe try and rope in some people with more bike expertise than me.

(Martin John Finch) #9

Bike maintenance session: How about 16th Jan folks?

(Sarah Jones) #10

Ah that’s my husband’s birthday so won’t work for me sorry. Could the the Wednesday before or after?

(Oli Passey) #11

Perfect timing! I am desperate need of new brakes (but have no idea about bike maintenance) and calibrating / setting up rear gears.

Will keep an eye out for an agreed night

(Andy Sanderson) #12

Same here on the rear gears… I am out of town the 11th-25th tho… :frowning: