Bicycle Policy?

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(Dean Forbes) #1

I spent much of yesterday in the space, what a pleasure clean, organised, no obstacles to swerve round or trip over - lets keep it like this

The no bikes thing was discussed and I believe reached a conclusion in the cleaning thread and in the space however I feel it needs to be documented.

What I feel we should have is something like

No bicycles in the clean room
No bicycles inside unless they are being actively worked on
Please dont bring wet or muddy bicycles inside
Owner are responsible and accountable for locks and locking of there own bicycles

(Dermot Jones) #2

This is pretty much the case: bring a bike in if you’re working on it, otherwise we have ample parking outside

I raised the question previously on why some members brought bikes in

The reasons as I recall:

  • ‘I don’t have a lock with me’ – the Space is happy to buy a couple of communal locks

  • ‘I don’t feel comfortable leaving my bike outside’ – not sure how to solve this. Bikes are kept outside at most venues though? CCTV likely doesn’t solve this as it might just provide useless footage of a bike being taken…

Would be good to hear from bike owners here

(Petra) #3

Is there actually anyone who brings their bike inside these days? The only bikes I’ve seen here recently were always in some process of working on.

Having a roof over the racks outside would be great though. We can perhaps sort out some corrugated plastic sheet …or some elegant solution. Can we?

(Dermot Jones) #4

An elegant solution sounds good!

(unknowndomain) #5

Maybe Makerspace needs this sign on the door:

Rather than this one:


(Tom Hedges) #6

I’m a fan of no bikes inside (unless being worked on). So I approve with the proposed rules.

BUT the racks outside are often inaccessible due to waste or inconsiderate parking. I have brought my bike inside in the past if the alternative was scratching a car or shifting wet, muddy bricks and rubbish.

Also, I think there are some abandoned bikes locked to our racks. When the weather is good people in the pub also lock bikes there, so it can be full.

So some other ideas I’m in favour of:

  • positioning large objects strategically to stop cars blocking rack access
  • extend clear desk policy to outdoor space
  • have dedicated space for bins/waste - not adjacent to the racks
  • signage that racks are for SLMS members
  • signage that CCTV is in use
  • fixing the CCTV

(Dean Forbes) #7

@petra yeah most people are good

I dont want the ground that has been gained by the clean up etc to be lost … in terms of a nice environment and sure if people are actively working on there bikes in the workshop (not the clean area) that’s fine

(Dermot Jones) #8

Yes, a good list…except that we’ve always been happy to share our bike parking…

(Tom Hedges) #9

Ah, fair enough. In that case I’d say there’s a risk that at peak times in the summer there’s nowhere to secure a bike outside. But let’s see how it goes - may not be an issue.

(Dean Forbes) #10

yes it may be busier at peak times, In my mind it is simply courteous and common sense to leave your bike outside if it is being parked.

If you work in an office and your prefered or regular stopping spot for you bike is not free you cant bring your bike to your desk, in any place I have worked or been to, you need to find another street lamp or post on the street which is what people do in my experience.

At SLMS there is a street with ample places to secure a bicycle, I have on a number of occasions had to park my van/car on the street - bicycles are not any different in my view.

(unknowndomain) #11

Because the members knew they could use the space inside, but if thats not the case then it is an issue especially as @TomHedges says when there are races at the velodrome on summer evenings when the entire place is choked with bikes.

(Dermot Jones) #12

If it becomes an issue we can label some of the bike parking as reserved for SLMS

(Tom Hedges) #13

Totally fair - I agree with this.

(Tom Hedges) #14

Great solution - let’s see how it goes this summer. There may be no problem whatsoever!