Best way to install railway sleeper borders?

Single railway sleepers laid to form new levels for planting - currently a sloping flowerbed.

Questions is how do you fix the sleepers in place and prevent them shifting and moving over time?

And whats the best to attach and fix in place two sleepers meeting at a corner?

Depending on the slope and stability of the soil / whatever-lurks-beneath-it. Drill some big holes in the sleepers and pin them to the ground below using reinforced concrete steel bars 13mm diameter by 800mm long minimum… dont do an interference fit in the sleepers…
If you need to do corners and are stacking one on the other, then overlap and pin them together with the rebar…
good luck with the project…

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Thanks Fraser. I’ll look into sourcing the 13x800mm steel rods. The sleepers are just single rows, the fisrt row sitting on dwarf brick wall , the others on topsoil.

The corners are’nt stack, but butt up against each other. I guess pin in each corner end to stop the corner shifting.

Out of curiosity, whats an interference fit?

An interference fit is where you have a rod of material and a hole. The hole is just a tad smaller than the rod, and the rod needs to be bashed or pressed into the hole. Stops things shaking apart.

You will not buy 800mm rods. They come in long lengths and you cut them down to size.

Usually from a steel stockholder

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