Bench buffer - buffing wheel?

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Morning!! Do we have a soft buffer/polisher like this one at SLMS?

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I’ve seen a wheel like that in new metalshop area, black metal cabinet with drawers in the far corner, bottom drawer. It is not attached to a bench grinder though, looks like it may be a drill attachement. Also it is d̶i̶r̶t̶y̶ already covered with some red buffing compound, probably not fit for woodworking.

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To polish my glasses frames like this. :+1:t5:

thread is 1/2 inch 12tpi (12.5mm)
fits into woodshop Hitachi screwdrivers

You might have some luck with Dremel polishing wheels + some polishing compound, same idea but much smaller

I’ve got a ton lying around from when I needed to do something similar - I can leave them somewhere in the space if you want?

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Hi, yes thanks, is it really soft like cotton wool? I have tried with a dremel with a white attachment but it wasn’t soft enough and made it worse.

Yeah it seems to be some sort of compacted cotton wool or felt

I’ve left a metal tin with some bars of polishing compound + Dremel tips in the arch 1 snug, from what I remember the white one is the gentlest grade in there :+1:

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we have a couple bench grinders, HS Walsh sells the pilishing spindles, they screw in the grinder, it might worth converting one to a polishing motor.

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I found the beeswax Thankyou !!