Beginner kit to learn electric circuitry and micro processors

Hi All,

can anyone tell me which kit to buy to learn how to build IoT electronics or other useful things lol
I got alot time on my hands might as well learn something useful

could we do electronics night on VC as long as we have the kit in hand?

@emuboy may be able to help there :slight_smile:

Hey @RoyM,

There are different kits you can buy, depends on what you want to do and y what’s your level of knowledge about electronics and programing:

A very basic kit would be the BBC Microbit :

but if you want to do some IoT you could have a look at the esp32 based kits, my favourite one it’s the M5Stack :

I’m always happy to help, we could organise something for the electronics night :slight_smile:

Do you have any idea of a project you’d like to build? Learning is easier with a concrete example in mind

I like the Wemos D1 mini, programmed using MicroPython with uPyCraft
It has lots of shields that are pretty easy to use, including a proto shield that you can solder your own creations on
And it’s dead cheap!

Hi guys thanks for the recommendation!

The project I was hoping to make was a wearable Spotify player where I can stream the playlist via WiFi or Bluetooth

Do think I can make this with the kit suggested?


You can use a raspberry pi using any opensource spotify software :slight_smile: