BBC Microbit sending serial via Bluetooth - help!

I’m trying to send pulse sensor data to my computer and also an Android vr headset via Bluetooth. I’ve got it to send sensor data to terminal on my android phone.

The pc or android can see the device but then asks for a pin code for the device but I can’t seem to find this. Any help would be much appreciated as I want to use it on an installation this Saturday!

have you tried to use the companion app?

Hi yes the companion app is great for my phone. But I need it to send data to unity to affect things in vr. And I can’t download the app (I think) onto my vr headset & pair that way. I’ve been on the microbit slack so they have helped reconfigure the board settings so it can by pass the companion app. But it’s still not pairing because of the pin code b

It’s that a win10 or Mac ?

Win 10

I’ll be at slms all day tomorrow trying to sort this


If you’re in during the day – and happy to do so – you could make a ‘space open’ thread for members without keyholder access

ok, just to note I don’t have shutter access. I plan ot head in for midday.

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Ah…that changes things then!

I should probably request shutter access

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Looks like there’s plenty of people in today!

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