Battery Pack Welder

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(Dean Forbes) #1

I am looking to build some 18650 Battery battery packs for an autonomous vehicle

Does the space or anyone at the space have access to a battery welder I could use at all please

I would get one but I am unlikely to use it more than very very occasionally

(Paul Court) #2

the space doesn’t but it is something that’s been discussed before.

@electrotechs, any thoughts ?

I did see one of eBay the other day if thats any help ?


(Dean Forbes) #3


a member offered to do for me but in the end I ordered a battery pack made up

maybe a pledge could be set up ?

(Pete Hellyer) #4

IIRC, it was held back by H&S concerns, which may or may not have been reasonable.

(Dermot Jones) #5


(Andrea Campanella) #6

I had some reasonable worries about handling small tubes of aluminium and copper filled with combustible fuel and electrically charged which if exposed to a short circuit or overheat could catch fire.

But if anyone else is ok with that, is fine, I just don’t take responsibility for it .

But , really, I would like any of you to watch this before decide:

(Dermot Jones) #7

We would need to do a proper risk assessment for this - and work out how/if we can make it safe enough for the Space

(Iain Dunn) #8

I think there’s scope for us to get a 737G (£100 on Ebay). Obviously only allowing members to use it after a brief induction and full understanding of the risks etc.