Basic Woodshop Inductions

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OK, I’ll probably be at MakerSpace either Saturday or Sunday this weekend in the afternoons, if this would work for anyone who cannot make it to weekday evenings then let me know and I might be able to fit in a limited first-come first-served induction for those who cannot make it at other times?

I was hoping that my general question about what works for people would allow those who cannot make the weekday evenings to say it but nobody did so I must assume no need for this?

Anyway, let me know…

Thanks, Steve


Hey Steve, I would be keen! Could make Saturday or Sunday.

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OK, let’s see if anyone else replies, I’ll be there possibly both afternoons but given that the induction takes 2-3 hours then I’ll only do it if there are at least 2 people in a session, keep an eye on this post…

By the way, are weekday evenings not a good fit for you o is is just that you are keen to get started and waiting for the list could take a while?

Just a reminder that on Saturday Herne Hill station will be closed and the tube will be on strike.

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Yeah, fair point, that could affect people in terms of coming to MakerSpace :frowning:

I come in my car or on bike so I’ll be there but I’ll probably offer this ‘weekend’ induction thing again in future as well so it was really just an ad-hoc offer really…

Thanks, Steve

It’s great that you have offered. I mentioned the train strike just in case someone needs to allow extra time to get here by bus.

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I’m just keen to get started, only joined recently and I would take any opportunity to get going.

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OK, let’s see how it goes, we can chat when we are there, if it is just 1 person then could go quite quickly, I’ve booked 2 sessions for Saturday and Sunday from 13:00-18:00 when I will be there anyway so I’ll be doing some of my own projects but hopefully others jump on the bandwagon and make it more productive than single inductee…

I also need to cut up some sheets of plywood on the table saw for the laser cutter shop so you can help with that if you are there which is useful as well for me as it’s sort of a 2-person job to make it quicker…

Hi Steve,

I would like to do Saturday - is 2pm possible? I’ll be with my sons, Alex & Femi.

Hi Grace,

OK, yes, that can work, hopefully @Jarred_Durling can join that session too?

It is OK for Alex and Femi to be in there but they cannot take part in any of the actual practical stuff, etc (within reason) because membership is 18+ only but I can make that work ok, yes?

OK, let me know if that works but please be on time because if others also want the induction session at the weekend then it can happen any time between 1pm-6pm for me while I am there but others need to be OK with the flexibility…

Thanks, Steve

2:00 pm works for me! I am also happy to help you cut down some sheets.

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If you’re still offering I would love an induction but can only make it on Sunday

That’s great.

Alex had been using Makerspace to up-cycle skateboards into stools under @Dermot supervision. Also Femi has worked on various projects over the years. As long as I’m there too - it should be fine.


Hi @Grace_OC,

I realise that but I am actually the person who cut down your stuff before the festival with yourself and Alex, Steve, remember me, we met at 7:30 before the festival :wink:

I’m happy to give you an induction but that does not give you the right to allow whoever you choose to actually use the machines.

If that is your intention then I’m sorry but I need clearance on this from @directors and @Dermot

See you on Saturday for your induction…

Thanks, Steve


I hadn’t planned on doing inductions on both days, currently I was planning on doing Saturday but let’s see, if you are OK with short notice I’ll let you know when I decide but an induction just for 1 person is a bit of a waste of my time when I can get 3 people inducted at once generally…


OK, it seems that if we can make the induction on Sunday then we can get 3 people all at the same time which works best for me…

Can you please confirm @Grace_OC @dom @Jarred_Durling please?

I realise @Grace_OC that we’d suggested Saturday but if we do Sunday then I can do the full 3 people which makes most sense to me and the other 2 people are saying that Sunday can work for them…

Thanks, Steve

I’m still definitely interested/can do anytime that works best for the group on Sunday if that ends up being the plan.

OK, cool, I have an early morning lake swim thing planned but back home and at the space for afternoon so between 1pm - 6pm is what I’ve booked so somewhere in there works for me and I can do my own stuff around it

I also need to prep some delivery of plywood on the table saw ready for the laser cutter but that will get done either Saturday depending on who is around or Sunday

I think to keep things easy I’m going to say that this Sunday I will do an induction session and if doesn’t work for everyone then I’ll try to make another weekend one soon… thanks

The reason I am doing this is to encourage volunteering around the space because then we all benefit so in the famous words, think not what but what you might want to do for the space etc :wink:

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Great, I’m flexible to be there anytime during that window so just name the time that’s most convenient for the induction and I’ll be there. I’m also happy to come in early/stay late and lend a hand with anything that needs to be done

Hey Steve, I can make Saturday or Sunday. It looks like it’s been moved to Sunday now? I’m free all Sunday afternoon so can do anytime that works for the other inductees.