Basic clothing repairs

I’m going to make some basic clothing repairs and would welcome some advice and help with initial setup of the most suitable machine.

When will anyone familiar with the sewing machines be at the space?


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I’m planning to come in end of the week Thurs/Friday

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Roughly what time?

Undecided, usually best between lunchtime and 8pm. Please let me know what time suits your schedule, as I don’t have a schedule, I do have to come in and work, and will usually try and finish by 9pm if poss.

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I can do anytime upto 5pm tomorrow (Thursday) or anytime Friday.

Shall we aim for 1-2pm Thursday?

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Ok, see you tomorrow

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Thanks ever so much for your patience and instruction on using the sewing machine.

I’m aiming to make the repairs early this week

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You’re welcome

After successfully repairing some clothes that have been lying around for years, I’m going to attempt jean trouser pocket and button replacement.

I’m reasonably confident about the pockets but have no idea about the button that looks like a rivet of some kind?

Any advice or assistance gratefully received.

I could sew on a button. I just need to remove the remnants of the broken stud/rivet button