Bandsaw power

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@woodtechs I’m with Brian trying to turn on the bandsaw to make a single cut… but there’s no power and we can’t see where the problem is?! Any ideas? There’s a cut off somewhere?!
Any help appreciated!

At the moment we are still waiting for systems to sort out tool control so unfortunately unless a wood technician is available with a key the bandsaw cannot run

We’ve got hardware rearing to go :slight_smile:


Do we know when this will be sorted?

@directors any updates on tool control for the table saw etc please?

I literally use the space for the table saw at the moment and I can’t do that unless wood techs are about. Starting to tire of the wasted journeys.


Hi @DAC17,

We have gotten all the bits together now / hardware & software, so I expect to get tool control working by mid February, sorry, I know that is annoying!


Is this still the case? I was planning to use the table saw today if possible.

Yes unfortunately, maybe a @woodtechs or someone with a key @smjmaker? Will be in today?

Yes, @asander1, I just posted in @mbg’s request post so I’ll be there from around 2ish to 6-7ish today…

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