Back to action on the laser cutter

Hello all @lasers users.
Now that we are out of the lockdown and are all getting back to the projects we always wanted to start or complete, we need to remember to always practise safe and careful use of the laser and all others wonderful tools and machines we have in the space. Unfortunately during the lockdown period, the laser cutter suffered a number of mishaps by users, some were reported (thank you!) and some unfortunately weren’t.
The laser has had to have more than £1000 worth of repairs and parts and that includes no labour expense as the work was carried out by the @lasertechs. Please be very careful not to drop anything into the new honeycomb bed. The main issue experienced which was unreported is the most serious and looks to be fire related.
Please, please, please ensure you use the laser cutter as inducted and always observe the machine whilst it is running. If you don’t have time to watch it, you don’t have time to use it.
The @lasertechs are always available on discourse if you feel you have questions, need a refresher session or are still requesting an induction so get in touch if need be. We have unfortunately lost 2 Lasertechs due to people moving so are looking to expand our team. More details of this to follow soon…
We will be looking at more ways to improve on safe and correct use of the laser and will post more details when they are finalised.
Wishing you all a happy return to the space and don’t forget to promote your laser use on social media with the slms and trotec handles.
Happy lasing.
The @lasertechs (@Petra and @Jonathan)


Hi, @Jonathan looking good! especially the new honeycomb! :slight_smile: I’m definitely interested in getting more involved as a lasertech if you need more people. I’ve already been working with @petra to help with looking after the laser shop stuff so let me know if there is anything I can help with or get trained in to assist as a lasertech, thanks Steve

Looks like an amazing bed - thanks for setting it up.

It would be great to circulate something to members that inform them of opportunities now available to support the Laser area and what the opportunities are.