Back for more 👋

Hey all. I’m Michael and I’ve rejoined SLMS after an 2ish year leave of absence. Although I loved it at the time I had to take a break whilst starting a new job.

I’m a designer – most of my work now is in digital product design, but I also run a small architecture practice called Studio Forage where we mostly design objects and exhibitions. I’ve got pretty decent experience in woodworking and have a small space in Deptford – but our space is small and we’re mostly confined to working with sheet materials – so very much looking forward to getting back into the shop to do some personal projects. On that note, I’m more than happy to help out again with any woodshop tasks / inductions / etc – I think some of my contributions to the hand tools inductions are still buried in the guides :slight_smile:

Looking forward to joining the community again and will likely pop in on the weekend when the space is busy.


Welcome Michael,

Not sure if you’ve been into the space lately but a lot has changed in 2 years, especially in the woodshop !


I am Giles I have just joined. I was really into furniture making a long time ago. I went to college did some restoration work and had a space which I foolishly turned my back on. I am looking forward to making beautiful objects. I am particularly interested in shaker wooden ware and everything from about 1900 onwards. Hope to see you round.

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Nah, I haven’t been in for a while – but from I can tell it looks like the long-awaited tool control is finally live which is exciting. Looking forward tot seeing what’s new what’s changed soon