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Hey, I got offered a membership update in June. I was wondering if the offer was still good.

I’ve struggled to get to the open nights as I’m a nurse at North mid so a) travel b) I work nights and days c) I start at 07:30/19:30 and finish at 08:00/20:00.

I hope that I can still accept this membership, if I can’t I fully understand as I should have had this chat earlier.


Yes it is still available- you are good to go if you would like to join!

I would recommend coming and seeing the space if possible beforehand to see what we have and how it works. In addition to open evenings every other Wednesday we have Electronics night every Thursday that usually runs a bit later and is also open to non-members.


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Hi Alasdair,

Absolutely, as Andy said: The membership invite does not expire! Whenever you’re ready!

Also as mentioned by Andy, I highly recommend you come and swing by at an Open Evening. The next one actually is scheduled for tomorrow. So, just in case you’re available, tomorrow from 7pm-9pm, no rsvp needed.

Open Evenings happen every other Wednesday, so no worries if that doesn’t work for you. Let me know what works for you and I’m sure we’ll find somebody from the welcome team to give you a tour of the Makerspace!

See you at the Makerspace,

You can always post a request for a specific time that suits you.
Often people will be coming in at that time, and will be happy to show you around.

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