AV/tech/stationary to donate

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Hi all

Having a store clearout please let me know if any of this is of interest

large bag of interconnects - HDMI, Patch leads, Phono etc

4 x Draytek AP800 wifi access points

Various stationary, Boxfiles, magazine files, lever arch files

Hello Paul,
May I take bits and pieces?
Where do I go?
Best regards

Would love to get hold of the access points if still available?
Are you bringing stuff into the space or would you prefer collection from somewhere else?

I could do with an access point if there are any spare. I have a Draytek setup i need to upgrade for the inlaws !


I’m happy to drop off a box of bits there and you can sort through what’s needed? If there’s bits not required I can pick them back up.

Hi there, I could do with some box files, if you still have some ?

How about ring binders? I’ve got a shelf full…

Hi there, thx for the offer, but I have plenty of these


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