At the entrance

Me and Carmen are at the workshop entrance. We thought that we could try to join to the wood induction but it is closed. Who is running the inducction? We had written this morning to Beth Slater and Tom Hedge as Brian told us yesterday. We dont knowwhat else to do🤷‍♀️. Any advise? Should we wait here?

Hi :smiley: nice to meet you last night , theres a phone number for the space if you are thinking about popping down during the day, s some times it is closed because there isn’t anyone around, I think the wood turning course is in the evening you should be able to check on the discourse calander to see whats on or drop a message on discourse failing any reply drop a message @directors ( I hope this is of some help ) keep well Brian D=

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the advise. Andy arrived to the worksho later and explained us how the calendar works. We understand now that we had a problem with the interface and we dont see things that other members can see, as we dont have induction category among others. We called this morning as you advise us but no one pick up the phoneand as we live close we decided to drop in. Be patient with us, sooner or later we master Discurse :wink:


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Don’t worry, I still struggle with ‘Discourse’ and I’m nearly a 2 year old member but think your renaming of it to ‘Discurse’ is brilliant!

So funny

Aha! so Im not the only one still scratching around with it…
discrimination against crusty oldies, I say what?..

Q to discourse antifans: is it the software in general, or how things are laid out?

I’ve been thinking for a while that we really don’t need more than Public and Private categories, with everything else being pretty much seperfluous…

Ahahaha, it was a spelling mistake, but it’s funny :D. Not complaining about Discourse though, at least we have a platform and not a dodgy email thread

Hi Tom, difficult to put finger on it, but information does not really come to me. I need to go hunting for it.
The induction process was a bit of a nightmare (the administration of it).
Also when one searches for information; for example, I recently used a search term ‘compressor’ and all manner of ancient stuff popped up, trawling through it all took forever.
Perhaps I am just used to more intuitive tools…
There also seems to be posts that do not appear under ‘New’… for instance, RobertL 's ‘Basic Clothing Repair’ for instance, did not appear…
As I say, hard to quantify, but the overall effect is a feeling, and I use that word advisedly, of exclusion…