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Hello lovely community!

I am reaching out to you because I am working on a research project involving a raspberry pi (in the long run we are trying to help ALS patients communicate).

Testing the setup two days ago, one of the LEDs I had been using burned out and a cable broke and now I am in desperate need to replace it, but find myself without the means to fix the issue (thin, tiny LEDs, soldering station, cables, etc.), since I moved to London only a few weeks ago. In particular, the LED I had been using or a similarly thin piece ( seems hard to find.

Since we wanted to begin recordings soon, this is a huge setback to my project and I am looking for any possible fix to this.

A short description of my setup and the issue is below. Is there anyone in the Makerspace that has experience with electronics/could help me repair my setup/knows where to find replacement LEDs that are equally thin? I would be happy to come by the space in person as well.

I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 to generate short beep sounds, that simultaneously trigger the LED (on the picture below). This allows me to sync the occurrence of the beep with an external EEG headset (that can measure light). I had the cables (~50cm long) soldered to the LED with a small resistor and plugged into the pins. The connection to the resistor broke and the LED burned out.

I’m sure we can help. I’ll try to make sense of it while I’m on the train

Sourcing a suitable led should be easy, even if it has to be cannibalised from something.

I have access to all the equipment necessary. Whilst I’m far from the best solderer, I’m fairly confident that I could replicate the required part.

Others on here who are far more skilled and knowledgeable may offer advice or assistance.

Just one thought, those LED are designed to be mounted on a board, this mounting also supplies a Heat Sink for the LED as well to stop it burning out.
If you’re not mounting it on a board, you need to under drive it by about 50% or you can use a more standard encapsulated 5mm LED.
Think the LED type shown is a ‘5050 SMD’ if you are looking for a replacement. I think I have some at home if you can wait until Thursday eve Electronics night and i’ll bring them in.


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