Ash and chestnut table

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Something I’ve been meaning to make for a good while now, a simple rustic style dining table to match some ash stools.

Ash table 1 by Neil Tully, on Flickr

Ash table 2 by Neil Tully, on Flickr

hopefully doable but its probably 50 years since I’ve cut a mortice and tenon joint…


All the best with that Neil, I think if you’ve been inducted to use the mortice machine, then it’ll be a joy. Having all manner of cutting tools to hand should make the process run smoothly no matter your tool access level or skillset. The planes and chisels are mostly ready to use, but please feel free to hone those sharpening skills again too if the mood takes you.

Personally I like a chamfer. I have a spokeshave. Is that what you refer to as a draw knife?