As if by magic

No it’s not magic, it’s a magical member called Brian! Or @platinumnqueen22. He is the guy who cleans up all you cups, sawdust, laser scraps and then cleans the hoover afterwards too… nobody asks him to do it, it’s just the kinda guy he is. These are the results of his efforts this morning:

You can all thank him with cups of tea, biscuits and thanks but let’s all also try and do our bit to help so Brian can he can do more making and less cleaning.


It’s makes it such a nicer place to work. Thank you Brian!

Thank you Brian!

Yes. It’s much more welcoming now. I’m sure we could all be a bit tidier and more conscientious when clearing up after ourselves.

I’m far from perfect but I’m often amazed at how and where some things are left. It’s almost like there’s absolutely no attempt at clearing up after finishing a job or before leaving the space.

As someone said recently, I also suspect a link between not participating on Discourse and leaving the space in a mess.


Cheers Brian!

Brian a great person and a assett to slms and has the well being of the space at hart
great work well done

@Andrew_Tidman perhaps you should offer @platinumnqueen22 aka Brian a job at SMEE (he could be your ideal candidate) if you haven’t all ready filled that vacancy.

Whilst by all accounts Brian does his job well the responsibility on housekeeping should be with all members at SLMS especially with the new arch in sight