Arduino project

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Hi. I came along to the open evening yesterday hoping to meet some arduino experts to help me out with a project that has stalled due to my lack of expertise.
I understand there’s an electronics meetup on thursdays that I could drop in on. Is that happening tonight?

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Hi Jonathan,

Absolutely! Welcome! If you check out our calendar, you can see Electronics Night happening tonight and I’m sure there’ll be somebody able to help you with your project.

Have fun!

I didn’t find AVR ISP in the drawers by the way, but it seems that it is possible to reflash Arduino using another Arduino if it is actually a bootloader issue

Hey! Yes we are on tonight!

What’s the deal?

I don’t know much more details. I understood that Jonathan’s board doesn’t respond to Arduino IDE and he somehow assumes that it is bootloader, not a burnt chip, but he needs assistance on figuring it out because the manual on how to do it looks to him like black magic. I’ve told him to bring it in, so it’s not a guessing game.
We have some arduinos (hopefully alive) in the bottom left drawer and I think we can find a mini usb cable, and bootloader can be reflashed by SPI. But it may be burnt, who knows. Or write protected.

I have some ICSP programmers, I will bring them

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Thank you. The board with problems is a MKR wifi 1010. I have a spare Uno I can bring along as well.

it is on SAMD21 - Microchip ARM
I think @joaomorenorf had the programmer for it last time and he was going to be in today

I should have a couple of Jlink programmers

My arduino becomes unresponsive to the IDE when I have Bluetooth enabled on my laptop. No idea why. Just throwing it in the mix.

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I have the PICkit4 and PICkit3. I can bring both next Thursday.

sorry I’ve confused things, it’s atmel arm actually
and the usb part of it looks to be dead