Arduino Day & Processing Community Day 2020

This year we’re combining both events into one at the UAL: Creative Computing Institute, it would be great to have South London Makerspace members in attendance and exhibiting, talking or running workshops.

We’ve got a call for participation open now:

And you can sign up to attend now too:


@electrotechs we should totally do something for this!

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Same gig as last time?

Yeah sounds good,
the usual show and tell stall and some soldering of badges.
@unknowndomain are the faculties available for that?

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Yeah we can setup soldering for 6 around a table easily.

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Do we know who is going to be involved as well? @marc_barto ?

Yes Marco is also organising things.

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Hi Andrea and all

Yes London Arduino is coming as last year. We have 12 exhibitors confirmed so far, with regulars but also new people, some coming from quite far away (Dorset, Manchester). I am especially excited about the DIY photo booth and the knitting machine videogame.

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Sounds fun!