Arduino (and Makers) Day 2019 - 16th March 2019

(Paul Court) #1

Looks like we have a busy calendar over the next few weeks - Our 1st Maker Festival this Saturday is the priority at the minute but hot on the heals of this is the 2019 Arduino/Makers Day on the 16th March.

SLMS have participated in this for several years now and it out grew the space so last year we partnered with the London College of Communications at Elephant and Castle as well as the Arduino London group to do a combined event.
This worked really well last year with the College giving us the cafe space on the ground floor which we easily filled. This year we have an even bigger area and more scope to do larger longer projects/event/displays etc.

The event is not just about Arduino but is a combined Electronics and Mini Maker Faire so all are welcome.

Let me know if you would like to exhibit/help (from full workshops to a show and tell table) or just come along and take in the atmosphere.


(Dermot Jones) #2

This is in just under two weeks – for all who have the taste for it after the success of Maker Festival

(electrotech) #3

I’ll help if needed. Just need to be told what to do.

(Paul Court) #4

i’m meeting Tom at the college tomorrow to discuss the game plan.

Hopefully i’ll have the ‘learn to solder’ boards back from their enforced Royal Mail country wide tour by then ?!?
I’ll also bring the robots and clocks etc for show and tell.
Marc and I were talking about a ‘learn to program the Arduino’ session potentially too


(Iain Dunn) #5

I’ll be there too. Happy to help out with all the above, might bring a few things to show off also.

(Andrea Campanella) #6

I’m happy to help :slight_smile:

(Marc Barto) #7

Hi all

We’re only a week from Arduino Day, I have shared below the list of activities and exhibitors planned by London Arduino. As we’re creating the event floorplan it would be great to hear who at SLMS is bringing projects or running workshops.

Also thanks for your help getting the word out and for sharing the event page to your networks:



  • Botatowars by Ross Atkin: Make robots out of potatoes and battle for glory! (from 11.30 to 13:00)
  • Robotics: Write your own program for the Picoh or Ohbot robots
  • Internet of Things: Easy IoT with M5stack
  • Wearable: e-textile and conductive thread drop in workshop (run by LCC)

List of exhibitors and their amazing projects:

  • Konichiwakitty (Wearable fashion technology)
  • Ross Atkin (Smartibot and Botato Wars)
  • Sarab Sethi (Fully automated acoustic monitoring in tropical forests)
  • Mat Walker (Picoh and Ohbot - Arduino based robot talking head)
  • Hackerfermo (Micro:sound box)
  • Thomas Stratford (Vintage Speech Chips)
  • Elliot Pittam (Robots made from everyday things)
  • Mike Darby - 314Reactor (Arduino Soliton Radar inspired from Metal Gear Solid)
  • Orion Robots / Danny (Arduino and Raspberry Pi Robots)
  • Luke Henderson (M5Stack - The Modular IoT prototyping system)
  • Harish Persad (Palette. LED control keypads using tactile encoders)
  • Soulsby Synthesizers (miniAtmegatron and Oscitron 8-bit synths)
  • Romilly Cocking (Lazydoro - an automated pomodoro timer)
  • Peter Marks (DMX512 interface)
  • Jack Ratcliffe (Alexa to Raspberry Pi Servo Control)