Appreciation thread

(Rich Maynard) #164

Sounds good! Do you think he could be persuaded to run some evening classes…?

(Benjamin Hobson) #165

Thanks to @electronoob for bringing in a box of tablets and being a legend in egging us on to break stuff and pretending not to know anything. Awesome.

(Johanna Pichlbauer) #166

Hello fellow makers! I’m back from Israel and it was a huge success! Thanks so much to everyone for all your support - when I was invited to do the project for Jerusalem Design Week a couple of months ago, I had just arrived in London and kind of panicked, thinking I’d have to go home to Vienna, because I didn’t have the means and machines and infrastructure to do a project here in London… Buuuut then I found the South London Makerspace and it saved me! You saved me! Thanks to every single maker soul who helped me on the way!

I’ll put the project online on my website some time soon for anyone who might be interested…

(Johanna Pichlbauer) #167

After doubting I would ever sow something that looked more or less decent on a human body, I actually ended up wearing the jumpsuit I made last week at the Makerspace for my graduation ceremony…

Thanks @StudioNelle for not letting me give up! :sweat_smile:

Many kisses from Vienna!

(Chanelle) #168

It turned out pretty amazing :ok_hand:t5:

(RobertL) #169

Very nice, although at first I thought you actually meant sow, and not sew, especially given the natural setting :rofl:

(Martin John Finch) #170

Massive appreciation to @tomkirkman for a superb bike maintenance training on Friday!

We learned:

  • How to adjust front and rear derailleur gears correctly (I have NEVER mastered this before)
  • How to correctly use the Space’s fantastic, crowd-funded bike repair stand (appreciation to donors)
  • That one of my brake blocks was upside down :open_mouth:
  • The importance of correctly “fitting” a bike to the user, including saddle, handlebar and brake lever position
  • The origin of the term “new fangled”
  • What at Bowden cable is
  • How to diagnose worn headset ball bearings (hint: when you unscrew the handlebars and little ball bearings roll all over the floor something is wrong)
  • How to get rid of drunks emerging from Canopy brewery who want a tour of the Space (hint: keep the door closed at closing time)

… and all kinds of other stuff. @tomkirkman is a former professional bike mechanic, really knows his stuff and communicates it really clearly.

Appreciation extended to all those who share their hard-won professional expertise with Makerspace members like me.

(Dean Forbes) #171

Thursday was a challenging day for me …

One little niggle after another however some very patient people were on hand - Thank you :slight_smile:

Laser Cutter

Woodwork Electronics and Laser

Pizza, Porter and Humor
@ nots sure of your alias on line (Adam)

(electrotech) #172


(Dermot Jones) #173

Another one for @adamjpage

Quietly taking the place of the cleaner while she’s on hols and not taking any glory…

(Pete Hellyer) #174

throws a PILE of glory at @adamjpage

(EdwardBilson) #175

Real nice, Pete. Now he’s got another pile to clean up and there’s glory everywhere.

(adamjpage) #176

Mark @Lewisss for advice on fixing the tap in the booth.

(PaulY) #177

Thanks @TheCleaner !
Space looks lovely and tidy

(WinstonWolfe) #178

Ah, thanks, made my day :slight_smile:

(Dale Connolly) #179

Massive thanks to @asander1 & @Willybood for cleaning the extraction for the laser. Was a very messy job!

Also another big thanks to @asander1 for reassembling it this morning. I held stuff for him and tore off strips of duct tape, but he pretty much nailed it on his own. Great effort!

(Dean Forbes) #180


For work done looking after the laser cutter and associated bits

For helping me out and doing a job for me

You are a star Thank You (tatenda)

(Andy Sanderson) #181

Thanks to @Dermot, @Ty_design and @Robin_B for putting up with a gaggle of six year olds this morning as my daughter introduced her friends to MakerSpace!

They each picked an animal and made a set of tokens on the laser!

(EdwardBilson) #182

Writing up the post about all the changes the wood shop has seen over the last few months brought home how much @jonty_bottomley has done in the woodshop to improve it. The clearing out of storage spaces as well as the slight changes to the lathe bench, bigger changes to the tool storage and mitre saw benches.

While I’m here, the reason you can breathe properly in there these days is due to the efforts of @lewisss, both on the dust extraction and the air filters.

Thank you both for your continued efforts. Much appreciated!

(Afshin Dehkordi) #183

Seconded! :+1: